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    Entering honey production and distribution is an opportunity to reach customers with a healthy, natural alternative to artificial sweeteners. As a simple, wholesome product that comes directly from nature, honey has a permanent role in customers' diets. The challenge associated with entering this market involves making your honey stand out from competitors' offerings. The solution may come from creating a compelling and memorable brand identity through the use of effective packaging and label design.

    Whether you're a first-time honey producer, a small seller looking to enter more general sales avenues such as supermarkets or an existing brand in search of a revamp, your custom jar labels are a key part of your products' promotion.

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  • The global COVID-19 pandemic has made the direct link between cleanliness and health clearer than ever before. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration notes that while washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is the standard for removing germs from the skin, people can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers in the absence of running water.

    The new emphasis on hand sanitizer products has led to high levels of demand and shortages among businesses and individuals alike, and more companies are stepping up to produce bottles of sanitizer. The FDA has acknowledged that many of the organizations just getting into this type of manufacturing have not previously been approved as drug manufacturers, and has responded by creating a temporary hand sanitizer labeling guidance document for use during the public health emergency

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  • Lightning Labels Account Manager Ryan Tennant is goal-oriented, when playing hockey and while he’s home working on business and parenting two children, ages 5 and 7.

    COVID-19 has spurred many lifestyle changes. Now that he’s working from home, Ryan can dedicate extra time and attention to “the quality of life at home and the amount of time I can spend with the kids, which is all I need.”

    There are silver linings and lessons to be learned in this new normal. Notes Ryan, “I am finding that we all are full of excuses. There is always time to reach out to friends and family. You never know who may nee

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  • Every product label must meet several goals simultaneously, such as being informative, promotional and compliant with regulations. Living up to all these standards is especially important and challenging in fields such as cannabidiol extract production due to the complex legal situation around these goods.

    For years, CBD regulations have been vague, with the Food and Drug Administration hesitating to release an overarching set of clear guidelines. CBD goods are in a sort of limbo between medicine and dietary extract status, and you have to keep a close eye on the latest guidance to make sure your particular labeling approach is in line with the law

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  • Selling beverages requires a balancing act where graphic design is concerned: Your company's custom beverage labels should be clear, so that buyers know exactly what they're getting. At the same time, the packaging must be bold and interesting enough to make shoppers pick your offerings instead of competitors' versions of the same flavors.

    4 Top Beverage Label Tips

    Whether you're redesigning the labels for your line of beverages or putting a whole new product on the market, the right design instincts can turn this change into a positive turning point for your company. The following are four tactics you can consider to help your drinks reach their potential.

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  • New hand sanitizer product, online ordering lead the charge

    Taspen’s Organics and sister company Dragonfly Botanicals Hemp CBD are helping chart the course through challenging current events. The Conifer, CO-based company just released a new hand sanitizer product and the online platform continues to supply a wide variety of products.

    Among the holistic and wellness offerings of the company founded in 2007 are facial care, pain relief, restorative, bath and body, aromatherapy, tincture and hemp CBD products. The company began producing CBD products three years ago.

    Kristy Canaday, Taspen’s Organics & Dragonfly Botanicals Wholesale and Marketing Manager, says the hand sanitizer has something for everyone, with both alcohol and non-alcohol choice

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  • Selling beauty products is a tough business with plenty of competition. It's possible to win highly loyal customers, but your offerings will have to make an impression and stand out from numerous rival brands making similar promises.

    3 Top Beauty Product Label Design Elements

    Your beauty product labels may be the final deciding factor for consumers - shoppers who are unfamiliar with the brands on offer may make their choice based on which variety has the most compelling packaging. This puts pressure on you to design impactful labels. The following are some of the tactics top cosmetics brands use to get their items noticed and drive increased beauty product sales.

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  • Increased consciousness of the ingredients and processes used to make products has been one of the major consumer trends of recent years. If your brand is focused on making earth-friendly goods, this may be a valuable selling point, provided you find ways to convey that information to customers.

    Your products' labels are an ideal place to put this information. When shoppers are comparing multiple offerings in stores, they're looking for reasons to pick one over the others: Eco-friendly labels can push them toward your brand.

    Win Customers' Attention

    According to Nielsen research, consumers - across product categories and around the world - are interested in buying from brands that care about the environment.

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  • In times of global or national crisis, companies can find direct ways to pitch in and make a difference. Sometimes this means changing a business's whole operational strategy to deliver aid.

    The novel coronavirus pandemic has brought out this spirit in organizations large and small, around the world. Given the importance of hand sanitization in fighting the virus, companies that make chemical sanitizers have experienced demand on an unprecedented scale, which has cut into worldwide stocks. This is where distillers have stepped in to make up the deficit.

    What Does It Take for a Distiller to Switch to Sanitizer Production?

    Parade magazine reported that distillers are following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendation that people use alcohol-based sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol content when they cannot wash with soap and water

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  • Creating compelling custom labels for your brand's beauty products is a constant challenge. Packaging designs have to quickly convince new customers to choose your items over the many alternatives on the market, while also complying with rules and regulations set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

    A new piece of legislation is set to clarify cosmetics labeling by creating more rigorous rules around using the term "natural" and related words. If your company presents its cosmetics as natural, this law could have consequences for your marketing strategy.

    What is the Natural Cosmetics Act?

    The Natural Cosmetics Act is an amendment to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act that will ensure there are standards associated with the word "natural" as used on cosmetics packaging.

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