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    If you bottle and sell water, you've likely faced a challenge when it comes to branding and presenting your products: How do you make your company stand out from competitors' offerings when you're selling something as simple and fundamental as water? The design of your packaging may prove critical in resolving this deadlock.

    Just because water is simple, that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Every element of your company's packaging strategy, from bottle shape to label material and artwork choice can combine to create a unique impression. If you put effort into custom water bottle label design, you can present your products as more than "just another brand of water.

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  • What kinds of brands need custom labels? When it comes to companies that make physical products or distribute promotional items, just about every business can benefit from having a reliable label printing partner on their side. There's a good chance your organization falls into this very broad category, so the question then becomes: What is the ideal use case for labels in your industry, and what should you look for in a third-party labeling partner?

    What Are the Uses of Custom Labels Across Industries?

    The simplest use for label printing is to create appealing custom product labels. Items of all kinds need descriptive labels to carry important information such as ingredient lists and usage directions alongside bold logos and compelling imagery.

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  • Canned food is currently more popular than in recent memory. Shoppers going to stores amid uneven and uncertain re-opening processes are interested in visiting the supermarket less often and bringing home packaged food that will last for a long time. For food manufacturers, this is both an opportunity and a challenge. Is your company doing enough with its custom canned food labels to stand out from the competition? How much of the increased audience will you be able to capture?

    Custom Canned Food Labels - Seizing the Opportunity

    As Bloomberg news recently reported, there are several reasons why consumers are gravitating toward cans right now.

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  • Keeping honey bees can be a rewarding hobby, but when it's time to recoup money from selling the fruits of your bees' labor, you'll have to start thinking in business terms.

    The process of marketing backyard beekeepers' homegrown honey at farmer's markets and local stores or selling directly to customers involves branding and design sense. Though your operations aren't on the same scale as large food producers, the same general principles apply. This means you should invest in high-quality custom labels for your honey jars.

    Creating Accurate Custom Labels for Honey Products

    When you're selling honey that comes from your own beehives, you have an excellent marketing hook.

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  • Prepress Technician Joshua Cash joined Lightning Labels in January 2019. Prior to that, he served in both prepress and wide-format label press operator positions in Atlanta.

     The constant through all of it has been his love of skateboarding, along with hiking, cooking and playing video games.

    Joshua also has a strong commitment to protecting and expanding city green space. In Atlanta, he volunteered for Trees Atlanta. As a relative newcomer to Denver, “I would love to find an organization like that here that allows me to be give back while being outside,” Joshua says.

     For now, however, the health crisis has led to different challenges and choices.

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  • Warning and safety labels are some of the most important types of custom labels. Whether your products are meant for retail sale, used in industrial settings or anything in between, you need to inform people of any associated risks. Some types of goods are more heavily regulated than others, but in all cases, it's a wise decision to focus on clear and comprehensive warning labels.

    Providing all pertinent information about your products shows you take safety seriously, which can help build loyalty among your audience.

    What Kinds of Products Require Safety Labels?

    There are many kinds of products that call for safety labeling before you can sell them.

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  • The craft beer industry has written the book on exciting label designs, with breweries constantly innovating to create visual spectacles that express a unique brand personality. This adds a little pressure when it comes time to create beverage labels for your own products. Whether you're introducing a new small-batch brew or crafting a formula that will hope to be on the market for decades, the branding on your craft beer labels is an inescapable part of the equation.

    Consumers in liquor stores and beer aisles today have a huge amount of choices. The sheer variety of craft beers to pick from is potentially intimidating, and shoppers who have not tried your offerings before need a strong incentive to do so.

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  • Flagship elderberry syrup gains popularity as a preservative-free immune booster

    Years ago, pregnant Whitney Flood looked for a natural way to support her and her family’s immune system during flu season. As a nurse and veterinary technician, she already was tuned into natural remedies. Upon discovering elderberry as a highly regarded natural supplement, she decided to start making it at home.

    After continuing to refine the recipe, Whitney knew she had a winner when her toddler Colton said, “Mom this is your BEST!” And, so the “Whitney’s Best” name was born, along with a growing business based in Manteca, CA, where initially street fairs and farmer’s markets provided high-profile expos

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  • When putting a new line of cosmetic products on the market, your decisions regarding branding and label design are important to the eventual success of those items. Consumers in stores have to make on-the-spot decisions regarding what brand to try, and custom labels are a major basis for those choices. There are a few elements that go into personal care packaging, each important. For instance, you have to make sure your items are compliant with Food and Drug Administration guidelines, while also ensuring they look good on retail shelves. The following are a few of these considerations.

    What Are the Legal Requirements of Cosmetics Labels?

    The FDA is responsible for governing the contents of cosmetics labels.

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  • In February 2019, Kayla Escarcega made a clean break from working as a rewind operator to being promoted to Sales Administrative Coordinator at Lightning Labels. Kayla also is devoted to housecleaning, which she regards as an enjoyable pursuit, business opportunity and good habit.

    Do What You Love, And Never Work A Day In Your Life

    “I enjoy cleaning, which may sound strange,” says Kayla. “From a young age I was taught the importance of having a clean home, workspace and just paying attention to the small details that most people overlook. And I continue to grow a cleaning business that I started before joining Lightning L

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